4 Tips For Avoiding Relapsing After Leaving Rehab

Leaving rehab and moving back home, or somewhere else, can feel like a huge accomplishment. However, many people struggle to stay sober after leaving rehab.

It is not uncommon for recovering addicts to relapse after leaving treatment. In fact, almost half of the people who leave rehab will relapse within five years of their discharge. The good news is that they can recover again and even have a second chance at staying sober.

You can avoid relapsing after rehab by taking certain measures in your new life. Read on to discover how to avoid relapsing and stay sober after leaving  a drug alcohol treatment center.

1. Build a Support Network

Unfortunately, people often lose a lot of their support network after rehab. This is because people change as a result of addiction. You may find that your friends and family don’t want to be part of your lifestyle change.

As such, a strong support network within the facility is crucial for staying sober after leaving rehab. People in recovery are often encouraged to find a sponsor and join a support group. These can be extremely beneficial for people in recovery.

A support network should include people who are in different stages of recovery. You can learn a lot from people who are further along in their recovery process. Find people with the same interests and values as you so that you feel comfortable sharing with them.

2. Set Small Goals and Celebrate

Drug addiction is a long-term condition that can be managed with treatment. However, it’s not something that you will suddenly be “cured” from. You will have to work at it for the rest of your life. As a result, you will likely spend most of your recovery period setting and achieving small goals.

A good way to stay motivated while in recovery is to set small goals. You can even use milestones like a driving license, a new job, or a certain salary as goals. It is important to celebrate every small achievement you make. This will remind you of your progress and encourage you to keep going.

3. Exercise Regularly and Eat Healthily

During your recovery process, you may have noticed that you are tired a lot. This is because your body is healing from the inside out. You may notice yourself feeling tired more frequently as you progress in your treatment.

As your body continues to heal, your energy levels will increase again. However, you can speed this process up by getting enough rest and exercise.

Regular exercise helps you to sleep better. It is also a good way to keep your mind focused. Getting your mind off drugs will help you stay sober. It is important to eat healthy during your recovery. Not only does it help your body stay strong, but it also keeps your mind focused. You will be less likely to engage in drug use if you have something else to do.

4. Find New Activities To Engage In

One of the biggest challenges in early recovery is finding new activities to replace your old habits. You may feel bored if you don’t have any interesting things to do. Boredom is a common trigger for relapse. This is why finding new activities to occupy your time is important.

Here are a few examples of healthy ways you can fill your time after treatment:

  • Join a sports team
  • Get a part-time job
  • Join a club or volunteer
  • Spend time with friends and family
  • Write in a journal
  • Read self-help books
  • Take online courses
  • Meditate

When you engage in these activities, you can stay busy without giving yourself too much space to think about drugs. You can also interact with other people while doing these activities. This will help you build healthy relationships while in recovery.

In Conclusion

It can be challenging to stay sober after leaving a drug alcohol treatment center. You have to adjust to life outside of rehab and avoid the triggers and temptations that lead to relapse. However, it is possible to stay sober after leaving treatment.

With the right guidance and support, you can stay sober for the rest of your life.

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