Best Places to Raise a Family in Arkansas

When you’re ready to raise a family, you may feel overwhelmed at the wealth of options out there: but from all of them, it only makes sense that you’d want to land in Arkansas.  This charming state has everything that makes raising a family fun and interesting while still offering affordable living.

These are the top places to raise a family in this amazing state, and why everyone should consider moving here soon!

Why Arkansas?

If you’re eager to settle down and start a family, no state will offer you a better space to do that than Arkansas!  The cities are comfortably small, and the small towns all feel like a slice of paradise laid out in the middle of gorgeous open land.

The seasons here are fantastic for anyone who wants that clear passage of time.  This gives you the chance to enjoy snow in the winter, green and growing spring, a bright and beautiful summer, and a fall that turns every color between red and gold that you can imagine.  This is an awesome space to give your children the chance to enjoy the most of every season.

Regardless of whether you’re from Arkansas or not, there’s something amazing here for you to enjoy.


Bentonville is the smallest city on this list, home to only 54,000.  The birthplace of Walmart, this fantastic smaller town, has classic architecture and buildings that allow you to feel like you’ve traveled back in time.  From gorgeous sprawling parks to incredible forest trails and beautiful sculpture gardens.  Multiple museums and art galleries sit naturally along with the many small kitschy businesses that are eager to welcome anyone in.  This is a town that’s charming through and through.


At home in Northwest Arkansas, near the University of Arkansas campus, is one of the best towns you’ll ever visit.  Home to just under 90,000 people, Fatetevill is a gorgeous town that’s home to a mix of vintage and modern buildings and sights to see.  From the Air and Military Museum to the gorgeous Mount Sequoyah Woods Trail, you’ll never run out of things to do while you’re here.  Fayetteville is surrounded by a rim of mountains that make the city feel like it’s in its own world.  This is a great place to visit: but an even better place to live Click Here .

Little Rock

The largest and most well-known city on this list- Little Rock, is the capital of Arkansas and a key part of the civil rights movement in the late 1950s and early 1960s.  Full of amazing charm and incredible history, you can get to know more about this country in one city than you’d ever expect.  If you need a breather, you can take a break at the beautiful MacArthur park or enjoy exploring the Arkansas Arts Center until you’re ready to start looking at Little Rock Houses for Sale!

Arkansas Is a Great Place to Start a Family

When you’re ready to start a family, start planning a move to Arkansas.  This city will blow you away and make raising kids easier than it could be anywhere else.

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