Get The Best Pokémon Cards With These Tips And Tricks

Suppose you want to play Pokémon and have a good time. You need the best Pokémon packs to get your hands on the rarest cards. You’d be surprised to know that the 90s pop culture item is worth more than $50,000.

Moreover, with Heritage auction sales, the Pikachu illustrator Pokémon card sold for more than $54000. Furthermore, there is an Australian card collectors’ site where your Pokémon cards can fetch $5 to $800 each.

However, you might wonder how to get your hand on the best cards with many packs available, isn’t it? This article will give tips and tricks to get your hands on the best and rarest Pokémon packs and cards.

How to get the best Pokémon cards?

Getting the rarest card can be pretty daunting with the increased number of cards and packs. Moreover, the cards that used to be sold for a couple of dollars earlier are now sold for more. Furthermore, there are many collectors of Pokémon cards, and they follow the tips given below to find the best cards:

1. Buying booster packs

Buying booster packs enable you to get 36 rare cards, 216 common cards, and 108 uncommon cards. Moreover, a booster pack costs $4 each, and you can often get them for $2.50 per pack when you subscribe to them.

Generally, if you buy a single booster box, you’ll get 10 cards, of which 1 card is rare, 3 uncommon, and 6 common cards. Then, the booster packs are released as sets with 200 cards. So, if you buy booster packs, you have more chances of finding the best and rare cards.

2. Participating in Pokémon trading card game

Pokémon trading card games are other avenues of getting the best cards. While starting, you must buy different theme decks and pick recent releases to have the best experience. Moreover, you should buy several numbers of boxes to build your collection.

Ideally, avoid buying more than five booster packs. This is because you will get the same cards unless you are collecting for someone else.

3. Going for pre-release and draft events

You might be able to attend their pre-release and draft events. You will need little to no cards to participate. You’ll need to open a new product and build your deck there.

These events are great for trading Pokémon cards and building your collection.

4. Go for singles

You can buy single cards from several places and efficiently collect the cards you want to add to your deck. Also, this might be a more cost-effective way to collect the specific cards you need to build your collection.


Pokémon packs have resurged in popularity again. So, you might want to get your hands on the best packs to access the rarest and most valuable cards. Furthermore, you must ensure you maintain your cards in mint condition if your card has a value of more than $100.

Some of the best ways to find rare and valuable cards are to buy booster packs, indulge in Pokémon trading card games, go for pre-release or draft events, and buy singles. These tips might help you get your hands on rare cards, and often you might find the most valuable card that can increase in worth over the years.

So, research, listen to twitch handles, and get your hands on the rare and secret Pokémon cards.

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