Hampi: Should You Choose it for Your Next Vacation?

If you are wondering that you r routine is going really tedious and you are working from home, why not simply go for a holiday and work from there off and on? Come on, it is the perfect time that you plan a holiday with your loved ones and have a great time. How about a new destination like hampi?

Talking about hampi, it is one place that has something to offer to everyone. No matter you are a trekker, photographer, historian or even someone who just want to relax and chill over the weekend, hampi is the right and perfect place for your next weekend trip. Don’t worry about your stayover as you can find the best places to stay like evolve back hampi for your trip. After all, once you have a good stayover place, you can relax and make the most of your trip.

To be little more elaborated hampi is a tiny town in Karnataka, it has been recognized as UNESCO world heritage site. Town is forked into two sections by Tungabhadra river. One side of this is a heritage site flooded with temples and ruins of Vijayanagar city, and other side is simply fully opposite with small shacks, refreshing cafes filled with Israeli tourists. There is no bridge over the river and the one way that you can cross it is by boat, that actually has fixed timings 9 am  and 5 pm.

You know hampi whispers different types of stories from old and medieval history at every moment. The world’s second hugest city at the end of 15th century, it is actually a UNESCO world heritage site that has seen hundreds of seasons. Yet its lures extend even beyond the cultural as well as historical even though these are sufficient reasons to visit in themselves.   Here are the things that you can do once you take a holiday to hampi.

Scenic sunrise and sunset over ruins

Many people do love hampi for its amazing and heart winning sunrise and sunset shots. The blend of high contrast coloured clouds and ruins offers a wonderful landscape click. The point is you can take as many shots as you want once you are in that place. You would be sure that every picture you take in this area is different and sparkling. You would definitely love the pictures you take in this place. They are going to be in your gallery of memories for life. You are surely going to cherish the photos that you take in this place.

Take a teppa ride

One of the most enjoyable and lovely activities on the Tungabhadra river is taking a ride on a coracle (that of round-shaped boat made of reed and saplings). You can easily hire one for ₹one hundred fifty to three hundred depending on the distance. It is must to say that you should you miss this lifetime experience of rowing down the river with the use of a single long stick.

Take a spiritual ride to different temples 

There are several types of temples spread across hampi like Virupaksha temple and Vijjaya Vittala temple are the most popular ones. The finest way to visit all temples is simply hire an auto for a day, that is very common, and you can easily bargain for the best prices. The point is simple, you can get the spiritual time in this city with the visit to all these mystic temples. After all, temples always give you some strength to face your life issues with utmost gusto and positivity.

Stay free and spirited 

As you cross the mesmeric river in your coracle (or motor boat as the case could be), make your way to hippie island. You are surely going to be blown away by the free spirits of the peppy hippie community at the island.  Come on, you are going to have some refreshing and freedom like moments in this region of the area. Come on, the freshness of the air, the beauty around and you with your loved ones; what else can you ask for? 

Trek to Anjuna and mating hills

If you are a fan of activities and adventure then you must not miss out on this. You know what, Anjuna and mating hills are the two most loved and popular treks in hampi. Their location makes it absolutely feasible to cover both the treks in a single weekend trip.  For your information, Anjuna is situated on the shack side, which you can easily cover on the first day evening while mating is on the other heritage side, so you can easily choose to cover it on second day and then catch the bus back to your place. Anjuna trek is somewhat easy with proper stairs while mating is simply a little exploration. But if you are a person who loves adventure and activity, you are going to love every bit of your trek. And while you trek, you can keep your camera handy to ensure you take some splendid pictures on the way. Come on, your trek pictures are going to be really enjoyable for you!

Do lots of videography and make Instagram reels 

Ah, it is time that you bring some colour to your social media life.  In case you don’t really wish to plan anything, then you can simply wander around in the ruins. You can even rent a bike or moped to simply explore the place. Come on, as you go around walk along the lanes, feeling inspired is somewhat natural. With the eternal beauty everywhere, hampi is definitely a great location for videography. Of course, you can take some really amazing pictures and make videos of your memorable times.  You can make all those stunning and stylish reels too with the stunning backdrops.  After all, who wouldn’t want to have some really cool and naturally rich pictures!


To sum up, look for the best places to stay like evolve back hampi for your trip for your trip and ensure that you have a relaxed, luxurious and memorable holiday. After all, your trip or vacation is going to be as exciting and easy as you make it.

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