Here’s a checklist that you need to glance over before you finalize a PG

Are you looking for the perfect pg services in Whitefield? Or perhaps you are looking for a PG for working professionals?

Comparing PG accommodations can be problematic, at least at the very beginning. Before you get it right, you will need to do some research and while doing so, make sure you create due diligence.

For those, who are new to this page, here’s a definition of who exactly can be coined the term paying guest. A paying guest is someone who lives on the owner’s property in the same house/flat as the owner, using all of the facilities and paying the owner for food, laundry, bed, and so on.

How to make a good deal for a PG in Whitefield?

There are various categories of PGs available in Whitefield, Bangalore. If you are looking for a PG that accommodates boys only, then it is best to proceed with the PGs for Boys options. Similarly, there are PGs for girls only. There are many outstation candidates who look for accommodation and they prefer living in Pg with food.

If you have chosen shared housing, it is possible that flat mates will leave soon. If you have any concerns, make them known to the owner before you begin living in the PG. For example, if you study late at night while keeping the lights on, you will want to make sure your flat mates are similarly inclined in the same way as you.

What to look into before finalizing a PG accommodation?

Even the working professionals in Bangalore prefer to go for the option of PGs or perhaps an option of sharing stay. Nothing is impossible if you have the right hand to help you in this regard. In about 85% of the shared accommodation the washroom is available in sharing.

Here are some things you should look into before deciding on-

  • Look for an affordable PG working people/working professionals if you are into service
  • Look for a convenient PGs for college-going students
  • It is best to choose Pg with food option to avoid chaos
  • Go through the rules and the policies of the PGs before choosing one
  • Sign up for an agreement before you start living

Details included in the PG agreement are as follows:

  • Names of parties involved
  • Description of premises allotted
  • Code of conduct expected from tenant/ owner
  • Deposit amount
  • Monthly rent

All these details are required in all kinds of PGs for future use. People sometimes look for Unisex PGs, especially those who can get compatible sharing partner for the PGs. Since the culture practiced in Bangalore is wide and open, therefore unisex PGs are a common sight. So, once the agreement suits you, the Pg owner will take a printout of the same on the stamp paper and both the parties will sign the deed.


If you are someone who is looking for pg rooms in Whitefield, Colive is the best one-stop destination for all your pg services. Ask the expert for better suggestions.

Pro tip: Take a look or the premises of the PG before you book a room for yourself. This is to ascertain the security in the PG.

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