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How Much Does an Electric Cigar Humidor Cost?

The question of how much an electric cigar humidor costs is often asked by people who are passionate about smoking. But, in fact, the answer depends on what you want to get. If you are looking for a cheap humidor for storing your cigars, an electric humidor may be your best option. Electric humidors are more affordable, especially for those who like to buy a lot of cigars and don’t have a lot of room to store them. But if you’re a serious cigar lover, you may need a humidor with more storage space.

NewAir Thermoelectric 250 Count Cigar Humidor

An electric humidor may be the best option if you have limited space in your home. The NewAir Thermoelectric 250 Continent Cigar Humidor has an Optic-Temp cooling and heating system that preserves the full flavor of your cigar collection. The humidor is equipped with a cedar drawer and removable Spanish cedar shelves for storing your collection. Moreover, the humidor has a digital easy-touch thermostat that allows you to adjust the temperature to your preferred level from 52 to 74F degrees Fahrenheit.

The Optic-Temp heating and cooling system in the NewAir Thermoelectric 250 Continent Cigar Humidor preserves the aroma and flavor of your cigar collection. It also features removable cedar shelves for storing your collection. The humidity is adjustable from 52 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit and can be controlled by a digital thermostat. It comes with cedar shelves to keep your cigars fresh and smelling great.

Whynter CC-100H

The Whynter CC-100H electric humidor is an efficient way to store and keep your cigar collection fresh. The cool air circulating inside the humidor prevents overheating and reduces moisture. It also comes with a digital control panel and a built-in hygrometer. This humidor also has two shelves and one tray that can be removed for easy access. Other notable features include an iron enclosure, recessed door handle, and an internal LED light.

The Whynter CC-100H electric humidor features a temperature control system that adjusts between 54degF and 74degF. Its touch screen control panel is easy to use and features semiconductor refrigeration technology. There is an optional humidor fan that promotes free air circulation inside the box. Proper air circulation ensures a consistent humidity level throughout the humidor.

Xifei humidor jar

The Xifei electric cigar humidor is made of Spanish cedar wood, a material that outperforms previous versions in terms of durability and storage capacity. This material is perfect for storing your cigars and can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. A humidor can hold anywhere from five to fifteen cigars, depending on its size. A humidor can also be an elegant gift for someone special or as home decor.

Xifei cigar humidor jar is a low-cost option, making it an affordable option for cigar enthusiasts. The acrylic jar makes it less fragile than glass, and the lid presses shut for an airtight seal. It also features a built-in hygrometer and cedar inserts to retain the cigars’ natural aroma. The Xifei humidifier can hold between 15 and 18 cigars. For the most humid air in your humidor, you should cycle the jar frequently to maintain the proper humidity level.

Whynter 122BD

The Whynter 122BD electric cigar humidifier is designed to provide the perfect climate for storing your cigars. Its dual internal fans and humidification system are designed to keep your cigars at the optimal humidity level of 62% to 75%. This humidor is a great choice for those who want to store a small number of cigars. Its interior temperature can be easily set with the touch of a button.

The humidor features a large display and a built-in Wi-Fi that syncs with a smartphone or tablet. It can hold 75 to 300 cigars and is powered by a long-lasting electronic ribbon or a USB adapter. It features a comfortable touch-sensitive control panel and an LCD screen that displays the current humidity and temperature. If you want to maintain the humidity of your cigars, you’ll be able to use the digital display to adjust it as necessary.

To learn more about these humidors

Electric cigar humidors tend to be more expensive than other types of humidors. However, they offer a more accurate and adjustable temperature control system and may not negatively affect the quality of your cigars. Some electric humidors have a temperature range of 16-22 degrees Fahrenheit, while others have a range of fifty-eight to eighty percent. An electric cigar humidor will also allow you to set the ideal humidity for a specific type of cigar


A humidor made with Spanish cedar wood will give your cigars a distinct aroma. This humidor can store up to 250 cigars and has two shelves and a spacious drawer. The humidor is easy to read and maintain and has easy controls. One advantage of this humidor is that it is ideal for limited space and does not take up a lot of room. It has a hygrometer, which makes it easy to monitor humidity levels.

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