Reasons for Mechanical Engineers Not Getting Jobs in India

In recent years, the engineering industry has expanded, and as a result, opportunities for engineers have increased. However, mechanical and other engineers are unemployed. Why?

Mechanical engineering is a vast field with numerous possibilities. However, this is not what graduate mechanical engineers are feeling today. Here are a few facts that demonstrate

Why are mechanical engineers unemployed?

Reasons Why Mechanical Engineers are Facing Unemployment

  • Lack of Skills

Today, every third candidate out of five is an engineer. However, it is tough to find a skilled engineer despite our search efforts. They have only a degree, but most are useless in knowledge. Completing a degree via distance education or clearing backs in colleges does not qualify a student as an engineer.

  • Outdated Syllabus

The college curriculum is outdated, and they are not up to date on the most current demands and trends in the market. Because of this, it can be quite challenging for even a brilliant college graduate to meet the requirements for an interview and land a job.

  • Reservation System and Politics

Politics and the reservation system are, at the very least, to blame. Additionally, there are numerous government positions in the engineering industry. Nevertheless, it’s sad that most people hired are illiterate and unsure of what to perform.

Reservation, as well as exam design for government positions, are the real causes. There are absurd, theoretical questions on general knowledge and current events in the entrance exam for the role of engineer.

An engineering student doesn’t worry about GK or other subjects and concentrates on his primary topic; therefore, when he takes government examinations, he falls short of the cut-off because the standard for general students is so high. However, a reserved student benefits because the deadline is quick for them, and he still qualifies even if he skips all the GK and other pointless questions.

  • Low Salary

An engineer’s beginning pay in India’s private sector is pitiful. One of the main reasons engineers fail and constantly change professions before resigning and starting their businesses is this. Those with money and talent in their industries leave India for high-paying opportunities abroad.

  • Population

Engineering is a highly competitive field today, and many recent engineering graduates are jobless. Since there aren’t enough jobs in the nation, hiring every graduate is impossible.


There are a few more relatively small factors that affect engineers’ unemployment. Opportunities for talented and qualified engineers are not lessened, nevertheless. If you have the necessary talents, you should interview several international firms and prove your superiority over the competition.

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