Top places to visit in Jaipur

When you love to have an entire India trip, it will not get completed without visiting Jaipur. The place so called Pink city will always be blushing with the colourful scenes and historical building all through the city. You can see the India culture and heritage in this city well as people around the city wears ornamental and antique jewels.

Prepare to capture all the scenic beauty in the city of Jaipur when you start touring. If you, are one passionate about visiting strong forts, and beautiful monuments, it is the right place to visit? The place is well known to have fancy elephant rides through the roads and other historical places. If you would like to have a list of places to visit in Jaipur, have a look at this article.

Here in this article, we will let you know the top to see places in Jaipur.

  • City palace

The top and foremost place to visit in the city is this old monument. It is known for its old ancient construction during the year 1700 AD. The place is known to have two mahals –Mubarak and Chandra Mahal. These days the places were converted as the handicraft place for the visitors to buy the cultural ornaments and to entertain the historical architecture. The palace is the best place and shows the reality of royal kings lived in the palace.

  • Jantar Mantar

When you just see this place, it shows nothing but the architecture with some steps. But when you see deep inside, it shows the tools that helps to measurements. The distinct purpose of this place is highly spoken and is must to watch place when you go to Jaipur. The peculiar thing about this place is that it casts the shadow that measures 2 seconds down accurately.

  • Amber fort

The place is located in Amer and is again an old historical construction during late 1500. The monument depicts the Hindu Muslim structure and the building entry facing east and contains other three entrances. It also has other hall for the audience to have a look at it. Here you can have the elephant ride and is must to go on when you have a visit to Jaipur. The place also has the show that is conducted in the evening with the lights and sound that gives pleasure to the visitors.

  • Hawa mahal

The place is a renowned monument that is around 200 years old and in the centre of the city. The moment is known for its honeycomb model that is constructed in the Indo-Islamic model of architecture with the entire five floors showing around 953 windows. The royal celebrations are known to get conducted in floor one and Ratan Mandir located on the second floor is a breath-taking view. The rest of the floors were called as Vichitra, Hawa and Prakash mandir respectively. When you wish to see an entire view of the city, moving to the openings of these floors will gives you the best view of the entire city.

  • Birla mandir

The place is historical again and is popular for its excellence architecture built with white marble. The template is built for Lord Lakshmi and Narayan sculpted with the two deities. The best thing about this place is that the idols are carved in single marble and is most appealing to all the eyes visiting the place. Tourist reach here to pray asking to provide the significant increase in the richness and is the best holistic approach place for the Hindus.

  • Niwas Garden

The place is situated in the centre of the city in the mid of 18th century. The garden covers around 30 acres of land that attract tourists with its beautiful flowers and lush green garden. The garden shows the royal ambiance that is flocked with numerous visitors and is the best tourist spot since the British Era. The park not only ends with the lush green grass but extends to the watching of birds and other exhibitions holding around it.

  • Chokidhani

Here comes another amusement theme park for the tourists. The theme park is a kind of Rajasthani resort situated quite few kilometres away from the city. The park shows the village aspects and other daily lifestyle of the Rajasthani people and the huts, ethnic houses of the local people in the park gives a pleasure to the visitors. Everyday the park runs with fun and the plays including folk dance and music will give a pleasant evening spent to the tourists.

  • Jal mahal

Another renowned place to visit in Jaipur is the Jal Mahal. From this place, you can have a scenic beauty of Aravalli hills and also one can see the serene beauty of the lake waters that attracts tourists across the globe. This is the place where the most photographs were taken by the tourists. You can have the boat ride that allows the tourists to spend wonderful evening and also can visit the bird watching.

  • Museum

There are many museums located in the city of Jaipur and one popularly known is the Albert Hall. This is one of the ancient well-knownmuseums that gives the praise of the curator and is boasting for its extensive collection of arts, coins that are antique, paintings that are very old and the sculptures showing the poses of yoga. During the night the museum glows with the beautiful lightings and with alluring building architecture.

  • Nahargarh fort

Here is another siteseeing spot that you should not miss when you visit Jaipur -Nahargarh fort also termed as tiger fort constructed early 300 years ago. The building here contains the Bhawan called as Madhavendra that is a summary of royal destination. The building connects to the king’s suit and is the best tourist spot.


Jaipur also termed as Paris of India is a must to visit place and visiting the above places will surely make your trip a memorable one. Have the places to visit in fairmont jaipur in your itinerary and try going with the tourist guide to know about the importance of these places.

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