Authentic Spots in Pakistan

The country is renowned for its social history and varied cultures, and the authentic spots that are a part of this heritage are worth exploring. Many of these places have been declared World Heritage Sites by the United Nations, and you can enjoy the local culture by visiting them. The country is also famous for its natural beauty, with various parks, lakes, and archaeological sites. For travelers who want to discover the real Pakistan, these places are a must-see.

The Kaghan Valley in northern Pakistan is one of the most picturesque places in the country. A local legend claims that a prince from Persia fell in love with a fairy princess. The giant captured the princess and later flooded the valley with her tears, creating beautiful alpine lakes. This place offers clear night skies and beautiful mountains. For a memorable holiday in Pakistan, don’t miss out on these authentic spots.

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If you are traveling in the city, don’t miss a chance to visit the Taj Mahal. Located in the heart of the Islamic country, this mosque is one of the most famous tourist spots in the country. Its five domes and six verandas make it a picturesque place to explore. It is BYOB (bring your own alcohol), and has delicious starters and main dishes.

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