Bikano Chaat Bistro in Los Angeles

A casual chain restaurant featuring Indian sweets and snacks has expanded to include global snack dishes. One new addition to the city is the Bikano Chaat Bistro. This upscale establishment will offer a range of snacks and sweets made famous in India. This is one of the few places in Los Angeles where you can try both the popular Indian and global dishes. You will find everything from savory kebabs to tasty dhokla.

The Bikano Chat Café offers vegetarian cuisine. You can enjoy a wide variety of chaat and select south and north Indian dishes. You can also get packaged snacks and dry fruits here. The prices are reasonable and the quality is good for the price. Despite its location, the only complaint about the Bikano Chat Cafe is its overabundance of flies. However, it is well worth a visit.

Final Thought

The Bikano Chat Cafe is a veg joint in the heart of Subroto Park Indian Air Force base. The cafe serves the families of defence officials, visitors, and employees of different offices. The cafe seats 40-50 people and serves mostly veg fare. The menu is simple, but the portions are generous. The ambiance is cool, but the food is not great. The prices are not very cheap, so make sure you order ahead of time to avoid the flies.

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