Discount Freezers – Their Varied Types and Unique Uses

Every year more than 200 million refrigerators are sold for various purposes. They are one of the most widely purchased electronics around the world. However, they can be expensive at times, making discount freezers a good substitute.

But freezers are of different types. Moreover, they serve more than just their primary purpose. Read on for more on the different types of freezers and their alternate uses.

Types of Freezers

Freezers come in various sizes, but they may be divided into the following main types.

1.  Chest Freezers

A chest freezer opens in the way a treasure chest does. Chest freezers are rectangular or cube-shaped, making it convenient to store bulky products.

Chest freezers, sometimes known as reach-in freezers, are commonly seen in commercial settings like restaurants, resorts, hotels, and grocery stores. They are great for keeping huge quantities of frozen meals, ice cream tubs, and meats.

2. Refrigerators

A freezer fitted to a refrigerator is referred to as a refrigerator freezer. A refrigerator-freezer combo is commonly used in homes.

Refrigerator freezers are also known as upright freezers. They have more height and take up less floor space. Their vertical shape makes them ideal for domestic usage, particularly in smaller kitchens, since they offer easy access.

3.  Mini Freezers

These freezers have less storage space than chest and refrigerator freezers. They are suitable for tiny workplaces, dorm rooms, and bedrooms because they take up less space than a chest freezer. They are primarily seen in hotel rooms to store liquor and snacks.

4. Upright Freezers

An upright freezer is slightly more expensive than a chest freezer.

These refrigerator-style freezers are kept in a kitchen, garage, or basement. An upright type is ideal for freezing goods that need to be easily reached. Unlike a chest freezer, one does not have to hunch down and rummage through stacks of frozen foods.

5. Drawer Freezers

Drawer freezers are commonly seen in bigger kitchens or gourmet kitchens. They are convenient for the cook who wants to have specific things on hand.

Drawer freezers are available in various finishes, including stainless steel to match other appliances. They can also be custom-made to match the cabinetry.

6. Portable Freezers

Portable freezers allow perishable things to be transported without the trouble of an ice-filled cooler.

Portable freezers can run on AC, DC, or both. Some even include cables that allow them to be charged using a car’s in-built power socket.

Varied Uses of Freezers

Of course, freezers are extremely useful for preserving foodstuffs and groceries. But they serve many other purposes too.

1. Extend the lifespan of scented candles

Chilling candles in the freezer extends their lifespan by reducing drippings when they melt.

2. Refresh denim jeans and smelly shoes

Put denim or shoes in a canvas bag and pop them in the freezer. The freezing temperatures kill bacteria without degrading the fabric. Freezing shoes with bags of water stuffed in them can also help break shoes in.

3. Preserve Makeup and Skincare

Storing makeup in the freezer helps keep them fresh longer and prevents them from drying out. Moreover, storing skincare in the freezer is a great way to increase its effectiveness. Buying small discount freezers is an excellent way to ensure that the skincare is kept separately from the food.

4. Store seeds

Planning to make the house a little greener but haven’t gotten around to planting the seeds yet? Put dry seeds in an airtight container and freeze them to prevent them from becoming useless.


Today freezers come in a broad range of sizes and types, making it simple to pick the one which best meets one’s needs. There is always a discount freezer that will satisfy one’s immediate needs.

Whether it is a place to keep meat and other items purchased in bulk or a method to take frozen meals on a camping trip – remember the requirements and make an informed purchase!

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