Don’t Miss This FUT 22 SBC That Rewards 92 OVR Icon Kaka

A 92 OVR FUT 22 Icon card representing the legendary footballer Kaka can be acquired from a Squad Building Challenge.

FUTeamGo is the best place from where you can buy cheap FUT coins! FUT 22 Squad Building Challenges allow us to earn high-rated cards. Initially, Icon cards could only be acquired as premium items. Fortunately, in the past years, they have joined the SBC reward list. The newest Icon SBC grants Kaka’s 92 OVR item as a reward. It’s a great card and it would be a shame to miss it. We have everything you need to complete it. Just visit FUTeamGo and we will supply you with cheap FUT 22 coins!

How to Complete the Kaka FUT 22 Icon SBC

Who hasn’t heard of Ricardo Kaka? The famous Brazilian footballer who is recognized as one of the world’s best playmakers. He has an impressive career alongside teams such as Sao Paulo, AC Milan, Real Madrid, and Orlando City. For fourteen seasons, he was a part of his national Brazilian team. He retired from the national team in 2016. One year later, he ended his club career. Kaka’s accomplishments include being one of the eight footballers that have won the UEFA Champions League, Ballon d’Or, and FIFA World Cup. In 2004, he was the youngest person who became an emissary of the World Food Programme.

The card that you obtain from the SBC, has the following attributes.

Position: Center Attacking Midfielder.

OVR: 92.

Stats: 93 pacing, 90 shooting, 90 passing, 94 dribbling, 45 defending, 75 physical.

Brace yourself as you will need to put together eight teams to swipe Kaka’s sweet 92 OVR Prime Icon Moment card.

Born Legend Requirements

11 Rare players.

Exactly Bronze player level.

50 team chemistry.

Rising Star Requirements

11 Rare players.

Exactly Silver player level.

50 team chemistry.

Rossoneri Requirements

At least one player from Milan.

At least one Team of the Week, Team of the Season, or FUT Champions item.

84 team OVR.

70 team chemistry.

Los Blancos Requirements

At least one player from Real Madrid.

86 team OVR.

60 team chemistry.

Jogo Bonito Requirements

At least one player from Brazil.

At least one Team of the Week, Team of the Season, or FUT Champions item.

86 team OVR.

55 team chemistry.

League Legend Requirements

At least one player from Serie A TIM.

87 team OVR.

50 team chemistry.

League Finesse Requirements

At least one player from LaLiga Santander.

At least one Team of the Week, Team of the Season, or FUT Champions item.

88 team OVR.

45 team chemistry.

89 OVR Squad Requirements

89 team OVR.

40 team chemistry.

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