How many charms fit on a Pandora bracelet?

These braces have gained popularity all over the world because of the different ways they are made. Not only are they fun and showy fashion pieces, but they also add pizzazz to your outfits. Women around the world have fallen in love with expressing their passion through Pandora bracelets.

There are many Pandora charms on the market so things can get confusing. The number of charms that will fit on a Pandora bracelet depends on the type of bracelet, the length of the bracelet, the size of the charms, and other pieces such as clips and spacers. That being said, 3 to 5 charms is, in my opinion, the sweet spot to make your bracelet unique but not overwhelming. This article discusses everything you need to know about charms and Pandora bracelets.

Do all Pandora charms fit bracelets?

Pandora offers 4 bracelet principles that may be worn with charms: Pandora moments, Pandora reflexions, Pandora essence, and Pandora me. It should fit its form of bracelet for the Pandora appeal to in shape.

Be sure to wear charms that match their bracelet type to prevent damage to your bracelet. Moments charms can be worn on the moments bracelet, reflexions charms on the reflexions bracelet, and the same goes for the others. Pandora moments charms are attached to the bracelet by rubbing or sliding it on while Pandora reflexions charms are cut. Pandora me has a set of small-dangle charms, while Pandora essence has bead charms.

Not all Pandora charms fit all bracelets due to the different types of Pandora bracelets. Your only task is to choose a unique type of bracelet and adjust their charms accordingly.

  • Pandora time charms
  • Pandora reflexions charms
  • Pandora essence charms
  • Pandora me charms

How do you order Pandora charms?

The process of arranging Pandora charms is tricky but straightforward. If you don’t know how to go about it, you may end up frustrated by not having the perfect beauty pattern. This method is only needed for time and reflexions spells.

You will need a Pandora bracelet, Pandora charms, and a skewer or stick-like object with two open ends.

Organize all your charms

  • Use a skewer as a bracelet holder and place your charms in the order you want
  • When inserting, guide the skewer with the pandora bracelets determine if the charms fit.
  • Hold the skewer out when you’re done inserting to make sure you’re good with the charm pattern.
  • You can put the charms in three parts as they will be on the Pandora bracelet.
  • Gently press down from the edge of the skewer, without disturbing the charm pattern.
  • Go ahead and wrap or clip the charms on the open end of the Pandora bracelet.
  • Unlike a Pandora bracelet, a skewer has no parts, and there is no fear of teething during trial and error. It’s the perfect way to complement your favorite style of Pandora charms.

Charms fit on a Pandora bracelet

Pandora reflexions bracelets are made with the latest metal mesh-like watch straps. Typically, you can store up to 12 charms on a reflections bracelet. But it is recommended to keep 5-7 charms to avoid trouble.

There are many clip charms to choose from, so you can be sure that you will find the right one for you.

Which Pandora bracelet can you put charms on?

The Pandora moments, Pandora reflexions, Pandora me, and Pandora can put charms on any essence bracelet. The bracelets and charms in the essence collection are smaller than the others. The essence charms have colors that are similar to good things, such as success, health, balance, etc.

You can place charms on four Pandora bracelet collections: Pandora moments, Pandora reflexions, Pandora me, and Pandora essence.


When it comes to prices, Pandora jewelry pieces vary dramatically in price range. This can come in handy for those who have a limited budget, but still want to make sure their piece is of high quality.

With that said, you can find Pandora pieces for less than $100 or you can find pieces that range between $1,000-$3000. When viewing Pandora jewelry on our website, you can filter the pieces according to what your budget allows. 

You can choose to look at pieces that are $100 or less, in the $300-$500 range, or you can just look at all the pieces to see which one you like the most if you don’t have a specific budget in mind.


Apart from the basic types of Pandora bracelets, accessories such as slides, snake chains, bangles, clasps, and leather straps are also available. For example, leather straps match Pandora moments charms. Also, snake chains are compatible with Pandora moments and Pandora me charms.

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