How To Be More Productive: Tips and Tricks

Productivity is one of the main qualities that each of us desires to develop in ourselves. What is productivity for? Productivity will help you complete more and better tasks, which in turn will one day help you achieve better results in your career, finish a long-running project, or get a promotion. Over the years, each person has already had his own methods of how to increase productivity, and sometimes these are the simplest ways. In this article, you will find practical tips that will make project planning easier, help you achieve your aims faster, and become more productive.

What is productivity? 

Many rightly believe that productivity is the ability to concentrate on one task, break it down into components, and not be distracted. Others believe that the main thing is to organize the workspace and learn how to delegate things. Both of them are right.

Productivity can be expressed in a simple formula:

Minimum time spent + Maximum results achieved = Productivity

This is the capacity to work not more, but smarter. In what way? Well, it’s not a quick process. Achieving perfection in a day is impossible, but you can gradually progress. It’s a skill, but it’s made up of many other smaller habits. We require frequent work to present certain principles into our lives. They will be discussed further. 

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Tips and tricks to be more productive

Here are some tips and unexpected tricks that will help you focus on important things and become more productive:

1. Keep a time diary

Keep a time diary and note what you spend your time on for several months. You will notice when time is wasted and when you are most productive.

2. Get rid of distractions

Of course, you can’t work all day without a break to chat with a colleague or on social media. The best way out is to eliminate all distractions. If you are unable to give it up, set a time limit. For example, you can read the news for 10 minutes at the beginning of the day, spend time over coffee and gossip with colleagues right after lunch, and spend 15 minutes on social media before finishing work.

3. Take advantage of modern technology

Every year there is new software created to optimize the workflow. There are many ways to improve the way you work, and you should definitely try at least a few programs and applications.

4. Use your breaks properly

You can’t work eight hours without a break. Or rather, you can, but your productivity will fall. Therefore, you need a big break and several small breaks during the day.

Of course, you are having lunch. Try to make your snack nutritious, but not too heavy on the stomach. And do not overeat, otherwise, your body will spend too much energy digesting food and you will feel tired, and sleepy.

After dinner, do not spend time on the Internet. Do something useful. For example, reading a book, taking a walk, watching an excerpt from an educational lecture, etc. Let your break be a source of inspiration for productive work for the rest of the day.

5. Eliminate obscure items from your to-do list

Your to-do list should only include what you are truly ready to do and can do without delay. But the option “Start a new project” should not fall into the to-do list. This is a too big and too difficult task. Replace it with something like “Define new project goals for the next two months.” The to-do list should only contain specific tasks.

6. Get moving

Nothing makes our brain work better than physical activity. If you feel like you can’t concentrate, don’t drink coffee. Instead, try walking a bit, doing a couple of squats, or doing some flexibility exercises. 10 minutes of physical activity will noticeably improve your performance.

7. Use the reward system

The self-reward system works very well once you get used to using it. Finish a big and difficult activity, and then allow yourself a cup of excellent coffee and a small cake. Complete another task and go to YouTube to watch cat videos. Tiny motivations make us more productive and motivate us to get things done as soon as possible.

8. Stop multitasking

Switching from one thing to another, you work slower and more tired. Pick one task and focus on it.

9. Take note of the two-minute rule

If a task can be completed in two minutes or less, do it, and don’t procrastinate.

10. At the end of one week, prepare for the next

Sort the mail and try to close all unresolved issues. Clean your table. View your calendar and to-do list for the next week. Perhaps something can be excluded and replaced with things that you have been putting off for a long time.


These tips may or may not work for you, but one thing is important – it’s never too late to become productive and efficient. Love what you do and do it with passion. Sooner or later, you’re bound to figure out which productivity tips are right for you. In the end, the last significant thing: instead of thinking about why your work is so difficult and unbalanced, think about how you can change it for the better.

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