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Modern Boho Style For Your Home

Often made up of organic materials and fabrics, boho style incorporates colors, patterns, and textures that are bold and organic. Natural materials make an inviting and casual space, and can be found in light oak and rattan furniture. Colorful boho spaces feature saturated hues. Use plush materials to offset a jungle of plants. Contrast dark wood pieces with sapphire velvets.

Natural elements

The modern boho style uses a combination of throws and pillows in its decor. Inspired by the hippie era, bohemian interior design emphasizes natural materials and organic shapes. You can add a variety of plants to your room, including succulents, ferns, and terrariums. A few global accents will finish off the look, and you may already own some of these unique pieces. In addition to natural elements, you can find a variety of vintage and import pieces to accentuate your decor.

To add depth and dimension to your space, consider mixing textures. Try placing patterned rugs over reclaimed wood floors, using a cozy blanket over a ladder, or incorporating beaded pendants. You can also incorporate natural elements into your interior design by incorporating wall hangings and woven accessories. You can also buy pieces of art with fringe to add a soft touch. Modern boho interior design is all about bringing nature into your home, and there are countless ways to incorporate these elements into your home.


The neutral backdrop of a farmhouse offers a perfect canvas for unconventional, modern boho style colors. In this dining room, a pink wire chair is paired with modern white chairs. A black globe pendant light is the striking accent. This Boho Outfits is perfect for a farmhouse or a southwestern home, where Native American influences are prominent. Listed below are some ways you can incorporate this look into your home.

Light neutrals in earth tones are easy on the eye and make for a great base color. These neutrals will enhance artwork, rugs, and memorabilia, while giving your room the perfect canvas for your artistic personality. Light shades of blue and brass accents will give your room a chic and luxurious feel. If you’re unsure of what colors to use, a combination of different shades of blue and brass will make any room feel comfortable and welcoming.


The modern boho style uses natural materials for its designs, including wicker and rustic wood, leather, wool, and sheepskin. You’ll also find fabric wall hangings and rugs made of sisal and hemp. The bohemian look is complete with green plants and succulents. This eclectic look takes its cues from the hippie era. If you’re considering a boho style design for your own home, these are some tips to get started.

Bohemian patterns add vibrancy and movement to any room. Incorporating shibori patterns, palm prints, and other vintage fabrics can give your home a globally-inspired vibe. This eclectic look will suit those who love to mix and match styles and patterns. You can also incorporate asymmetrical layout for a more informal feel. Lastly, boho style is ideal for people who like color.


Adding a boho look to your home is as easy as mixing textures. Mixing textured pieces such as pillows, poufs, area rugs, and wall hangings will create depth and dimension in your home. Organic elements are preferable to synthetic ones. Adding soft texture with accessories like fringes is another boho style tip. This style emphasizes natural materials such as wood, leather, and fabric.

Plants are a practical decoration choice, but they also add a boho vibe to any room. In addition to live plants, you can also add dried flower and vine decor. For inspiration, check out The Plant Junkie’s tips on indoor gardening. You can also add a plant-based terrarium or baskets with colorful flowers. A boho look is not complete without plants, and many boho interiors incorporate these.


If you’re a modern boho, your wardrobe should reflect your personality and lifestyle. Fashion with boho style is eye-catching without being too over the top. You’ll find a great variety of flowing dresses with intricate lace and embroidery. If you’re a boho, you’ll also love to wear colors and sheer fabrics. Whether you’re dressed for work or play, your wardrobe should show your personality.

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