The Lister’s Story to Achievement in Indian Market

Thelister is a technology platform that helps offline businesses move online, and its founders have a long history of working together. Pratik founded a subsidiary of HashMantra, and is the chairman of the board at Rentures Co. and CryptoGuru Inc. They both have a wealth of experience in business development and marketing. TheLister was developed by Pratik and his team after combining their experience from previous ventures.

The Lister has successfully transitioned the offline business world to an online ecosystem, opening up a wider window for users to find what they need. Their mission is to help businesses reach their customers in the most convenient way possible while fulfilling their varied needs. This is done by making a platform that connects businesses and customers, and allows them to do business on their terms. By providing one-stop solutions for consumers, TheLister has made significant strides in the Indian market.

In Last

The Lister has made a huge leap from its offline roots to the online world by bringing the offline world to the internet. Today, their platform connects businesses with consumers looking for a particular service, product, or brand. The lister also helps businesses manage their listings, which makes the process much simpler for both companies and consumers. In addition, users can choose from the variety of products and services that are available through the platform, making the process of finding the right solution easier.

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