The Name of the Next Samsung Phone Might Surprise You

Despite the fact that the Galaxy S20 is a variant of the Galaxy S11, it still seems like a superior smartphone. In terms of performance, the S20 is a notch below the S11, so the “wow” factor is artificially raised. The average phone fan, however, will easily see through this marketing trick. The mid-range Galaxy A90 might also attract consumers who think that bigger numbers equal better phones.

A new version of the S20 is due to hit the market next year. This will give it more time to catch up to Apple’s latest products, which are already in the market. The S20’s camera is the star, but it lacks telephoto zoom. The S30 will have ultra-high megapixel counts and a telephoto lens. The S20 is the first of its kind in this generation.

Final Thought

The name of the next Samsung phone might surprise you. The company has dropped the S10 and the S11 from their lineup in favor of a more appropriate and memorable naming scheme. The Galaxy S10 would be the successor to the S11, which would be called the S10. The S10 is the company’s middle model, but its smaller siblings are expected to be cheaper and simpler.

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