What Are The Benefits of Content Seeding?

When you read an article, a blog post, or a press release, how do you decide whether it is a good or bad one? In most cases, it is just intuition and personal feelings. This feeling is familiar to most content writers and professional marketers. However, if you want to keep your content plan under control, you need to learn the basics about content seeding.

The Definition of Content Seeding

We can compare content seeding with gardening, when you put some seeds in the ground and patiently nurture them with water, sun and food to let them grow. Content seeding is a digital version of the same process. Your content asks for your help to grow and give excellent results. It is a strategic approach used by marketers in order to boost your brand awareness.

What Are the Benefits of Content Seeding?

We are going to review the main advantages of content seeding, which include the following:

Increases web traffic to your corporate site

It is important to publish your content on social platforms where people may have potential interest in your products and services. By doing this, you will increase the traffic to your corporate site. You can search for such groups on Facebook or Instagram and share your articles with the target audience.

Getting backlinks

You can increase the ranking of your brand in the search results by including backlinks in your content. When you seed your corporate content on social networks, you get many high-quality backlinks.

Increased company awareness

When you work on creating useful and informative content, your readers and followers will consider your company a reliable producer of top-quality content. It will create a chain effect when people share your story with their followers.

Online popularity

The best channel for content seeding is social media. Such online platforms are efficient for enhancing the discovery of your content. By promoting your content, you promote your company at the same time.

Increased conversions

The result of successful content seeding on online platforms is increased sales. You will drive a lot of traffic to your site motivating potential clients to buy your products or use your services. The best if you cooperate with influencers and they start sharing your content with their enormous audience.

Efficient Ways for Content Seeding

You have a clear understanding of content seeding and its impact on your brand. In this section, we are going to see how to seed your content.

Communicate with people

You should keep in touch with your readers, bloggers, and influencers. You should create a section in your blog for such interactions. Always reply to people’s questions and comments to demonstrate your engagement and respect to your readers and their time. By acting like this you make your content visible and genuine.

Connect with Influencers

Influencers have the power to boost your content. They can share your content among their followers in the needed niche. Cooperation with influencers and owners of popular blogs can give as positive results as paid campaigns.

Create a subscriber list

If you post your content on the corporate site/blog, you will need to compose a list of subscribers. Every time you want to share a new content, you can send a newsletter to your subscribers. Later people will continue to share your information via their social circles.

Stay active on social platforms

The best way to seed your content is by actively using social platforms. Make sure you have corporate accounts on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Expose your content to a wide online audience. Such online platforms offer all the needed tools for promoting your content and increasing web traffic to your site.

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