What is the best part of Houston to stay in?

Travel is an essential part of a person’s life because it lets one explore different cultures and places. However, the COVID19 pandemic majorly affected the travel industry, but people have started planning their trips and tours with the declining pandemic.

As the largest city in the United States, Houston is counted among the most famous cities on the American continent. Many people worldwide have Houston on their list of places they want to visit. If you are among them, then you must know about all the exciting places and hotels in Houston,Texas. It is an expansive city with a diverse and multicultural population. It is famous for its architecture, art and fashion.

If you don’t have the basic knowledge about all the good places in the city, you will roam around and spend most of your time on the road. Hence, it is essential to thoroughly study about the city before planning your trip. The following points list out some of the popular neighbourhoods in Houston that are famous among tourists:


If you are interested in visiting places that have a bohemian or hippie vibe. In that case, you must visit Montrose because it is a hub for hipsters, art enthusiasts, and food lovers. You will find many cafes and hotels designed in a bohemian way. You can also find some old houses, coffee houses, and tattoo shops giving the 60s vibe. It can be an exciting halt to your trip.


If you are a sports enthusiast or looking for music concerts in Houston, you must plan at least a day’s visit to EaDo as it is a hot spot for concert venues and stadiums. You can find many nightclubs and bars in this region. It is an ideal place for musicians and music enthusiasts.

The heights

Many people get attracted to a city’s architecture and heritage. In Houston, you can find beautiful Victorian houses in The Heights; it also has many walls with graffitis on them. So, if you want to travel to a place with beautiful architecture, antique shops, graffiti, and some vintage restaurants, you must stay in the Heights for at least one day. There are many beautiful hotels in Houston, Texas, located in this neighbourhood.


Some people travel to different cities for commercial purposes and prefer staying in metropolitan areas. Downtown is a popular part of Texas with a rich culture of small businesses, brands, theatres, stadiums, parks, markets, offices, etc. You won’t have to spend too much time finding something in this region.


Galleria is another commercial hub of Houston with many restaurants, shops and clubs. So if you are looking for a nice weekend getaway with your friends where you can enjoy the nightlife and do some shopping, then you must go to Galleria.

Along with these hubs, there are many other exciting places in Housten, for example, Westchase, famous for adventurous activities and restaurants; Seismic, where many art galleries and concept shows are hosted; Energy Corridor, and the corporate centre of the city.

These points list all the hubs in Houston that are popular among tourists. You can plan your trip based on your choices of places and find beautiful hotels in Houston, Texas. Some applications and websites list out all the hotels around the chosen location so you can find the best option that suits your budget and preference.

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