What Should You Not Do With Curly Hair

Curly hair requires special maintenance. To enjoy great curls this summer, you need to strive to follow some rules and guidelines based on professional advice. Your beautiful curly hair will reward you with shiny hair strands, vitality, and wonderfully arranged curls if you learn to pamper it properly. 

If you want your curls to look great between washes, there are a few things you should do and shouldn’t do to your hair. One of the things you should definitely do is use hair products with natural ingredients from Dianella. If you want to learn more tips and tricks for curly hair, or things you should and shouldn’t do, you can keep reading this article. 

What should you do for your beautiful curls? 

Curls need to be moisturized and fed healthy “hair food hair” by using hair care products packed with protein and vitamins. It is important to use products with natural formulas and avoid those that have toxic ingredients. After washing your hair, you can either air dry it or use a special diffuser that is gentle for the curls. 

Use serums and masks that boost volume and revive your hair’s natural shine. Some women prefer drying their hair with a t-shirt to prevent frizz. Regularly use homemade masks using ingredients you put yourself, like eggs, honey, berries, and avocado. Find out which of those work best for your hair type. 

What shouldn’t you do to your curls? 

Do not use too much conditioner

Conditioner is a must for curly hair. Without it, combing and arranging curls is unthinkable. But it is best to distinguish between different conditioners – mainly moisturizing and protein-packed ones. Using one of these two conditioners would significantly impact your hair structure. If the instructions for use are not followed, the effect might not be in favor of your hair. The biggest mistake that women make is leaving the protein conditioner working for too long. It damages the hair, making it more fragile, brittle, and dry. You can leave it in your protein conditioner without exceeding 10 minutes.

The situation is different with moisturizing conditioners, which can be left in even the whole night. Deep hydration is vital for curly hair. It helps to improve the smoothness of the hair, vibrance, and natural shine, nourishing the scalp.

Do not use products that have silicones

Silicones are harmful to all hair types, but especially for curly hair. The positive thing about silicone compounds in hair care products is that they give hair shine. But that’s as far as they go. 

The thing is that they seal the follicle and form a layer on the hair and scalp, which prevents the penetration of moisture into the depth of the hair strands. Nourishing and hydrating are crucial for curly hair, and silicones prevent this. What should you do?

Apply conditioners with washing

It is good to apply conditioners made for rinsing. This way, you will not aggravate the hair with non-rinsing products that clog and interfere with the natural processes of the hair and scalp. The result will be tidier curls and more shine needed for curly hair.

Moisturizing Masks

The conditioner is not enough. You would need deep hydration, done by applying weekly moisturizing masks. They would revive the damaged hair and reduce future breakage. Mask will smooth out hair strands and help you shape the curls. Don’t overdo it. By testing moisturizing masks for a few weeks, you will see if your hair is hydrated enough or not. At one point, you may need to stop doing them so often and give your hair a bit of a break. 

Hair Softening Oils

Curly hair is usually drier than straight hair. That is why hydration is vital. You can provide moisture to your hair with hair softening oils. They nourish the hair in depth. The most suitable oils are – hibiscus, coconut, avocado, lavender, and rosemary. They are all very rich in healthy fats that work like a charm on hair.

To Sum It Up… 

Curly hair needs constant attention. There are a few simple rules and guidelines that you can easily follow if you want to have shiny and beautiful curly hair. Avoid leaving the hair looking dry and brittle by feeding it vital nutrients. You may feel your curls are usually drier, and it could be due to a lack of nutrients or just because curly hair is drier than straight hair. That’s because the natural oil from the scalp doesn’t travel down the hair strand so easily on curly hair. You can revive your hair back to health by using the right conditioner and regularly feeding your hair nutrients through homemade masks or natural hair care products like the products by Dianella. Sometimes that’s not enough. That’s why, you can use serums and softening oils that will efficiently boost your hair volume, reduce frizz and brittleness and give you back that natural hair shines you have been longing for. 

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