The World Health Organization defines depression as a common mental disorder characterized by constant sadness and disinterest in previously enjoyable and rewarding activities; it can lead to an altogether disability to perform our day-to-day routines and participate in life around us (WHO, ”Depression”, 2020).  Some studies suggest that more highly developed countries, such as The United States and France, show steeper rates of people suffering from depression (You can buy persuasive essay ”Depression Higher in Rich Countries, Study Suggests”, 2020 or get it for free).  

There are several reasons causing this impairing illness; it can be biological, genetic, situational, meaning that seriously tragic life events can trigger it; moreover, it is more common in women and people who exhibit low self-esteem and negative behavior patterns (Mental Health America, ”Depression”, 2020).  

In my opinion, The United States, being the economic giant and one of the leading countries in the world, offers its inhabitants innumerable opportunities for professional, creative, emotional and personal development. Everything is in the palm of one’s hand, available, within one’s grasp. Do you want an exotic vacation with your significant other?  Or would you like freshly squeezed strawberry juice in the middle of January? Say no more. Life has never been easier. However, if you have got nothing to strive for, nothing to yearn for, to daydream about for more than the average waiting time for the delivery of the ordered goods, is anything truly worth anything? 

Another reason I cannot fail to mention is the inevitable alienation of people due to the increasing presence of social media and the Internet in our everyday lives. Needless to say, social media ‘’ friends’’, likes, posts, and funny videos have become the substitute for real-life experiences and interpersonal relations, which inevitably leads us to the realization that our real social lives are empty and barren of any real life-changing connection.

I once again ask why America is so depressed. It is a socio-economic trailblazer of this brave, new world, a shining beacon of innovation and progress, and as such, it cannot avoid the downside of that glorious penny – alienation, loss of sense of wonder and any and all childlike exuberance.  

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