Why WordPress Is Popular: 5 Things You Need To Know

When it comes to opening a website, most people tend to suggest beginning your venture on WordPress. But, why should you do that, really? Isn’t your current platform good enough?

Well, don’t get us wrong.

Your web platform is definitely good enough. And, if your website is performing, then that’s the proof of it. However, there’s also a reason or two why WordPress is the best out there.

But, before we talk about that, let’s discuss a little about what wordpress actually is.

WordPress – A Brief Introduction

WordPress, in essence, is an open-source, free website curation platform.

Nonetheless, in case we’re talking from a technical viewpoint, we’ll need to consider it as a CMS or content management system platform.

It’s been written in PHP with a MySQL database. Therefore, the loading speed of the same is pretty fluid and effective in almost every aspect. And, it’s quite versatile as well. If you want, you can create an eCommerce, blogging, or business website on it.

However, that’s not the only reason why most people tend to love using WordPress. There’s a lot more to it. Let’s keep reading this article till the end to know more about it.

WordPress’ Popularity – What’s The Reason Behind It?

Although it may not seem so, WordPress is quite popular in the market for more than a single reason. Let’s keep reading this article to know more about it.

Reason – 1: It’s Free As A Bird!

As stated before, WordPress is a free software program. Even if you’re creating a website on it, you won’t have to worry about paying a single penny for the operation.

The organization will take care of the web hosting and all as well. So, that’s another headache gone from your head. However, that’s not where it ends, though.

With WordPress, you’ll also get to use more than one free tool to improve your site’s stature accordingly. It might get a little limited at some point, but what can we say?

It’s free, after all.

Reason – 2: It’s Much Easier To Use.

Despite being so flexible and powerful, WordPress is much easier to utilize than any other platform available out there. Let us tell you why.

So, to begin with, WordPress comes with a simple dashboard with loads of menus spread out here and there. You can find them in the sidebar and use them with a single click.

Here’s what you can do with them –

  • Create a post or page and design the whole thing accordingly.
  • Customize the design of your website in any way you want.
  • Add a brand new navigation menu or two on your website.

Apart from these, you can also include a new feature on your web platform with just a single click. There’s no need to think about any technical hiccups to deal with as well.

Additionally, you’re also going to get loads of updates on your website and platform. Hence, there’s no need to use any plugins and all to fix anything at all.

Reason – 3: It Is SEO-Friendly.

Whether you believe it or not, WordPress is quite SEO-friendly as well. It already comes with an excellent loading speed manual.

Hence, you don’t really have to take care of the technical side of things too much.

Also, it features a semantic markup, which is ideal for ranking on Google too. Hence, if you can optimize your website a little more, you can easily rank it higher than usual.

Nonetheless, if you want to improve the stature of the same a little more, we’ll ask you to opt for darrelwilson. He’s been working in this aspect for quite some time and, therefore, will be able to offer a lot of information to you. You can learn about creating a website from him.

Reason – 4: It’s Customizable.

WordPress is highly customizable. And, you don’t really have to be a programmer or a pro developer to take care of it. Simply learning about how a plugin or two works can help you a lot in this regard. Let us share how.

  • So, for starters, WordPress comes with more than one free template literally sitting around for you to use. There is also an options panel available here that can aid you in choosing the right color for your pages and logo.
  • Apart from this, you can also create a beautiful slider to increase the overall aesthetic of your website. The CMS platform also comes with a section where you can upload a logo as you please. You may design it wherever you want, to be honest.
  • If you want, you can also add one or two custom functionalities to your site by adding a plugin or two there. They can be used to include new yet effective features like –
    • Membership area.
    • Analytics section, and
    • The contact form.

Besides, there’s also an SEO-based plugin available on the platform, which can improve your site’s SEO with just a single click. And, the best thing?

Searching for a plugin is quite easy as well. You can simply write the name of it on Google and click on search to find what you’re looking for.

Reason – 5: The Security Is Higher Than You Can Imagine.

Since the beginning, WordPress has always been developed by keeping security in mind. So, it can offer a much safer place for you to run your website on.

However, if you want, you can still do a bit more to improve the security of your website. We mean, there’s literally a platform available here that can help you out to some extent.

Or, if you want, you can try to get some website-based security options to improve your site. But there’s no need to go that far, though. Using a plugin like Sucuri Scanner can help you out in this regard perfectly.

The Bottom Line

So, there you go.

We hope we could offer as much information as you were seeking regarding our title. However, if you want to know about something, you should definitely ask about oi in the comments.

We’ll try our best to help you out accordingly.

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